Based in a quintessentially Aussie town known for its beautiful beaches and laidback beach culture, we’re proud to offer a variety of delicious seafood meals. We stock a variety of high quality fish, prawns and calamari sourced from trusted, sustainable suppliers. Pick up a seafood pack or a seafood meal from Nosh Express to experience Noosa’s freshest fish, prawns and calamari.

Sustainably sourced

Our team is dedicated to doing their part in protecting our oceans and ensuring the supply of fish and seafood for generations to come. We prefer to purchase sustainably sourced seafood and ingredients from our local farmers and trusted ethical suppliers. We are very particular when it comes to seafood and only stock a small range of quality products. This means that you can be confident that our seafood dishes are actually made with purpose and are supporting our oceans. We know that when you pick up a seafood meal from Nosh Express you’ll be able to taste the difference in quality.

Our seafood creations

Choose from a range of our delicious seafood creations to satisfy your cravings. Due to the fresh and sustainably-sourced nature of our seafood, our daily offerings change consistently. You can be sure that you’ll always find quality, fresh seafood cooked and prepared in delicious ways. Some of our favourite dishes are grilled, crumbed or battered fish, giant scallops, local king prawns and crumbed calamari. You’ll also find delicious, chunky hot chips ready to accompany your seafood grub.

Find out more about our sustainably-sourced seafood. Call us on (07) 5474 5626.